Our School

Be Natural Music is a music school based in Santa Cruz, California,  directed by Matthew D Pinck AKA "yoga matt."  Our school offers private music lessons, band classes, an after school music program and music camps, as well as the Real Rock Band experience. Students learn:

Basic Music Fundamentals
Classical & Jazz Theory
Rhythm Notation & Clap Counting
Tablature & Chord Recognition
Songs, Improvisation & Composition
Band Experience, Performance & Studio Recording

Music styles

Rock  |  Jazz  |  Blues  |  Classical  |  Folk  |  Funk


OUr teachers


Matthew D. Pinck

Music Director, Rock Band Teacher & Instructor for Guitar,  Bass, & Vocals

Matthew (fondly known as "Yoga Matt") has collectively studied music since the age of five. Among his arsenal of music expertise are: guitar, vocals, composition, piano, electric bass and drums. His vast formal training has taken place in top schools, such as UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and Cabrillo, eventually earning his Bachelors in Jazz Guitar from Skidmore College in New York.

Over the years, Matt has gained much professional experience performing in Jazz and Rock bands, as well as performing solo.

Matt takes a unique and creative approach to teaching that engages students to bring out their best, learning theory as well as valuable performance techniques.


Sarah Newman

After-School Music Teacher, Rock Band Teacher & Instructor for Piano, Vocals, & Saxophone

Sarah has been playing saxophone for well over ten years. She studied music at UCSC, earning a Bachelors in Community Studies with a minor in Jazz. Sarah has a special talent for working with young children, developing special rhythm exercises and games, making learning music fun. She has now been with us for four years, and is adored by the students.

Sarah also teaches song-writing. Her creativity helps young children come up with lyrics and melodies all on their own! She guides her students through basic song-writing technique, while encouraging their creativity. 


Zen Perry

Drum Instructor

Zen Perry is a well-rounded drummer who has played for half of his life in musicial situations ranging from jazz to metal. Born and raised in San Diego, he looked for an environment that challenged his musical abilities after high school. Zen attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood receiving a degree in contemporary drum performance in 2014. During his time at school he regularly played shows in LA and toured the country with multiple bands. He found himself moving to Santa Cruz to enjoy the nature and music opportunities the area had to offer. With an open mind and desire to teach and constantly learn Zen guides students to bring their drumming to the next level. 


Damon Orion

Guitar & Bass Instructor

Damon Orion is a guitar & bass instructor who specializes in rock, blues, classical, metal, folk, country and many other styles. Along with being a graduate of Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, he studied music theory, classical guitar and piano at U.C. Santa Cruz. 

Damon believes that music should be a pleasure for students, not a chore. He strives to make his lessons fun while also giving his students a solid musical foundation based in proper technique and a well-rounded knowledge of scales, chords, arpeggios, etc. His lessons are tailored to the specific needs and goals of his students, whether the focus is on theory, note reading, improvisation, technique, ear training, songwriting or simply learning songs.