What's covered in class?

Jazz Theory I: This class covers the basic fundamentals of music theory, ranging from writing notation, clefs and time signatures, up through the major scale system, the introduction of the circle of 4ths/5ths and the diatonic system. Students will also learn how to compose a song melody. We will end the class with triad chord spelling, which are used in Jazz and much of modern music.

Jazz Theory II: This class picks up where the first class ends, reviewing scale and chord spellings, going over the diatonic system and learning how to use it; moving into basics of chord progressions - including Jazz chord progressions, along with discovering extended 7th chords and chordal alterations.  [WINTER 2019 Semester]

Overall, these classes will prepare any student with the tools they need to start exploring the harmonic color of musical sound on their instrument; plus, having the ability to analyze other musician's music as well as composing music themselves.

Based off of Ray Brown's University-level Jazz Pop Music Theory Class

12 week Course | For ages 12+

Please be aware: This is NOT an instrument class. This is Theory class only.

class will be taught by Yoga Matt

Cost: $410 Semester

50% Scholarship for the first 6 enrollees.

Payment is due on the first day of class.

Theory I CLASS iS on mondays, 6:30PM - 7:20PM

begins january 28th

Theory II CLASS iS on THURSDAYs, 5:05PM - 6:10PM

begins january 24th


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